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On Site Consultations

On Site EMF Consultation 

EMF Resource

Steve & Rockie Richards


Due to the Covid restrictions placed on travel and safe social distancing, we have changed our method of doing our home and office consultations.

We now conduct virtual consultations using Apple FaceTime.  We send the necessary instruments to clients and direct them as they take readings inside and outside their homes.  Because I can see everything as if I am on the premises, I am able to receive and record valid EMF values needed for analysis.

Your consultation consists of four easy steps.

Step One:  Scheduling and Payment


Consultation Costs:

  • $295 for homes of 1200 sq. ft. or less

  • $395 for homes greater than 1200 sq. ft. up to 2500 sq. ft.  

  • For homes larger homes than 2500 sq. ft., please request a price quote.

  • $50 for renting the equipment, which includes packing and shipping costs to your location.

  • A refundable deposit for the instruments is collected in advance of the consultation and refunded upon their return.

Step Two:   Floor Plan and Health Questionnaire

Please make a sketch of your floor plan.  We can email you a sample of our 8.5 X 11 graph paper for your convenience. Each floor of a multi floor building needs to be on a single sheet. Please email your floorplan ahead of our virtual site visit.

These floor plans will greatly speed up the metering process.  The floor plan is also intended to provide you with a visual record for quick future reference as you re-mediate your environment following the EMF protection recommendations you will receive.

Prior to our phone consultation, you will receive a health questionnaire that we will study before our consultation. This information helps us anticipate what type of EMFs we might find in the home.

Step Three:   Measure the EMFs

We record and analyze 4 types of  EMFs:

  • Electrical Fields

  • Electromagnetic Fields

  • Radio frequency Microwave Fields

  • EMI ( Electro Magnetic Interference) or Dirty Electricity


During the consultation, we will be using FaceTime while you are walking outside and inside your home taking various readings under my supervision.  I'll be recording the data on my site recording sheets.  You can ask me questions and answer my questions about the environment. 

Measurements are typically recorded with the appliances or device in the “on” position.  However, it is always instructive for you to at least observe the  typical difference between on and off for key EMF sources, such as your microwave oven if you have one and any other devices known to produce high RF signals like WiFi, mobile phones, etc.  Basic electric devices like ranges, refrigerators, water heaters, dryers, etc. are simply left in the on mode when taking measurements to see the worst case data and determine their safe distance zones.

Step Four:  EMF Analysis and Recommendations

Having compiled the EMF values on our on site recording sheets and floor plan, we write up our conclusions and recommendations and submit the results for you to use as a guide for any remediation that may be necessary.

EMF Resource

Steve conducting a phone consultation.

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