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Consultation Choices

Wondering what to do or how to get started? 


Have your own EMF meter or wish to rent one from us, but aren’t sure how to use it with confidence?  Not sure of your general well being as associated with various levels of EMF's?  Buying or searching for a new home?  Have a specific issue you need advice on?

By using our phone or on site consultation, we can help you put in place the follow-up Re-mediation Services necessary to ensure an EMF safe environment for your optimal health and well-being.

Request an EMF Consultation by Phone

1.   Our informal 15 minute $25 consultation is a brief, inexpensive and fast way to help you get started right away in the right direction by answering a simple question or two.

For example, the “new house I am considering has power lines nearby.”

2.   Our In–depth Professional EMF consultations by phone are available in $75 per half hour increments. 


A typical question, “I’m worried about the findings I have taken with my EMF meter.”

Request an On Site EMF Consultation

3.   On Site EMF Survey and Consultation. 

Example concerns and situations:

“I’m going to have a baby and I would like to have our home scanned for EMF hazards.” “To sell our home the buyer has requested a professional EMF survey report.”

EMF Resource
EMF Resource
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